How do I create custom playlists for my families?

One of the most powerful features of ReadyRosie is the ability for a teacher to customize content for their families. Go to the "Playlists" link on the left side of your screen. Once there, click on "Add Playlist" to start the process.

This allows you to create:

  • A Title for your Playlist - a brief description that will be at the top of the message your families receive
  • A Custom Message - this is a way to set-up or describe the activity videos you are recommending. It's best to keep it brief, yet engaging.
  • A Custom Playlist - using the ReadyRosie video library, you are able to search and add the videos that best align to what you are doing with your classroom or other initiative.

In addition, you can:

  • Translate the Title and Message to make your playlist accessible to both English and Spanish users
  • Choose which classrooms/groups to send the message to

Once you are done creating your custom playlist, you have options on how to deliver it to your families:

  • Send the message out right now - it goes out to your families according to their language preference and delivery preference (email and/or texting)
  • Schedule the message for later - you are able to create and schedule however many playlists in advance as is right for you
  • Copy the link (URL) to the message and share with your families using some other communication platform (social media, email newsletter, blog post, etc.)

Here's a helpful video to walk you through how to create custom playlists:

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