How do I translate a custom playlist for Spanish users?

ReadyRosie content is in English and Spanish. When parents accept your invitation and register for ReadyRosie, they choose their primary language preference. This determines how playlists sent out from ReadyRosie and playlists sent out from you are given to them. At any point, however, parents are able to explore our entire video library in English and Spanish regardless of their language preference.

When you create a custom playlist, know that your parents will receive the videos you suggest according to their language preference. But because you are also creating a custom title and message as part of that playlist, you also need to make sure those items are translated for your Spanish-speaking families. We've made it simple to do this.

If you originally created your title and message in English, click on the "Espanol" button above your message. You can either write in the same title and message in Spanish (if you know it) or you can click on the "Translate for me!" button that will automatically translate your title and message.

At any point, you can click on the "Preview Playlist" at the top of your message to see what it looks like in both languages.

Here's a helpful video to show you how all of this works...

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