Cumulative View Vs. School View: Archiving Classrooms

School Year vs Cumulative: Archiving Classrooms

Last year, we added the ability to have your classrooms archived. This allows you as an admin to see your cumulative data as well as current year data. If you don’t see a current school year next to your name when logged in, reach out to and ask them to create a school year for you!
Some important items to note about archive/school year:
1) Any classrooms created before an archive date will be archived. Teachers can “restore” them if needed. For example, if your archive date is set for July 31, any classrooms created before July 31 will be archived and new classrooms will be ready to be created on August 1 for the new school year.
2) DON’T DELETE CLASSROOMS – please ask your teachers to NOT delete their classrooms, instead, they can wait for their classroom to be archived. If the classrooms are deleted, the data will be lost, and you will be unable to see the historical data in your cumulative view.
Here is a short video with further explanation:

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