Using School Codes

School codes are a way to get your families connected to the right school, teacher, or group. We continue to recommend the invite method as the primary way of easily connecting your families to the right classroom, but there are some instances where a school code might be helpful:

  • You have an event for families where you will be introducing ReadyRosie and want a way for parents to take action to get signed up and connected to the right classroom right there. 
  • A particular parent is struggling to receive an email or text invitation and you want another way to get them connected.

NOTE: Codes are created at the school level - the code will allow the parent to connect with that school and then choose the name of a Teacher or other staff member who is connected to that school.


At this time, only people with District Admin and School Admin access have the ability to create codes for schools in your program or district. The process of creating school codes is different for District and School Admins. Below are videos that show each type of admin how to create school codes:

District Admins:

School Admins:

For each school where you want to create a code, simply create a simple code that would be easy to communicate and use in large group sessions. Perhaps it is the name of your school mascot or the name of your school or something else that is simple to enter. You are able to create more than one code for a school if that makes sense for your purposes.


Parents can start the process of registering using the code here:

They will be prompted with the ability to enter the code (there is a button for those who need to see instructions in Spanish as well):

After entering the correct code, parents are asked to select their child's Teacher:

After a few more basic questions, a parent is easily registered and now has access to the full platform. A request will go to that teacher to formally connect that student to that teacher's classroom (described in the next step).


For safety and privacy reasons, we don't automatically connect a parent request to a teacher's classroom. Instead, the teacher will be notified that she has a connection request and can take quick and easy action to connect them to the right classroom. Here's a quick video walking you through the steps:

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