Deleting Classrooms

IMPORTANT: Teachers should NEVER delete classrooms that have students and data in them.

Throughout the school year, families within a teacher's classroom use ReadyRosie and that data is tracked within the teacher's classroom. It is important to never delete a classroom that has families and data within it.

At the end of the school year, those classrooms will be archived and moved out of the new school year's dashboard within the teacher's account to store the previous year's data. That data is invaluable and irreplaceable. That is why classrooms should never be deleted.

When the new school year begins, teachers can create their new classrooms and invite their families to join for the new year.

*Note: If a teacher accidentally creates a classroom and has never added families to that classroom, that classroom can be deleted. To do that, the teacher can click "Delete" in the bottom right corner of the classroom box in their classroom dashboard. Only empty classrooms can be deleted.

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