Can a student be assigned to more than one classroom?

Students are able to be placed in multiple classrooms either by the same teacher or by different teachers. Assuming the different teachers invite that parent to join ReadyRosie using the same email and/or cell phone number, the first person who invites that parent will trigger an invite sent out to the parent. Once that invite is accepted and that parent creates an account, any subsequent attempts to add them to another classroom will result in the parent simply getting a notification that they have been added to that teacher's classroom.

The same is true if a parent has more than one student involved in grade levels that are using ReadyRosie. 

In these cases, a parent will only receive one ReadyRosie Weekly Playlist sent on Mondays - they will not get one for each student that is in a ReadyRosie classroom. They will, however, receive any custom playlists that might be sent out from those teachers. 

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