Introducing ReadyRosie to your Families

Your goal should be giving your families a good first impression of ReadyRosie, help them understand how it works, and set some goals about how to use it throughout the year.

The following is an ideal strategy for introducing ReadyRosie to your families for the first time:

  • Send home a ReadyRosie Parent Letter or flyer to your families and put some of these signs around your classroom and school where parents are likely to frequent.
  • Will your parents be present for a Back to School Night, School Registration Event, or Meet the Teacher Night? Take 5 minutes to use introduce them to ReadyRosie using our Parent Intro PowerPoint in English or Spanish.
  • If you have the time to not only show some sample videos, but also have the parents and their children actually do the activity at a parent event at your school, that is a great way to get both the parents and children hooked on how fun ReadyRosie can be.
  • Principals or other administrators are likely to put out regular email newsletters or other communication for the families. Including information about ReadyRosie in this communication is a great way to increase awareness.
  • We have created a YouTube playlist of "unlocked" ReadyRosie videos that can be embedded in websites, shared on social media, and used however is necessary to show sample videos to your families.
  • Emphasize to parents that ReadyRosie is a resource for parents. The vast majority of educational technology tools for early childhood and elementary have children as the intended audience, so it shouldn't be a surprise that your parents will assume that ReadyRosie is meant to put in front of their children. There's no harm in that, but the intended audience of this resource are parents and caregivers.
  • Set clear goals for your parents on how you will be using ReadyRosie and how you would like to see them use it. Then follow up by celebrating their usage and accomplishments!

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