Integrating ReadyRosie into your existing family engagement efforts

Think through all the ways you are already engaging your families on a regular basis - how can ReadyRosie be integrated into these to take advantage of our powerful parent resources and encourage its use on a regular basis? Below are some common touch points schools and teachers have with their parents throughout the year and some suggestions on how to integrate ReadyRosie with each of them:



School Registration, Back to School Night, Meet the Teacher

These are great opportunities to introduce ReadyRosie to your families for the first time. Your goal should be giving them a good first impression of ReadyRosie, help them understand how it works, and set some goals about how to use it throughout the year. Check out the  Introducing ReadyRosie to your Families article for some great tips and ideas.
Family Literacy or Math Event Hosting a Family Literacy Night or Family Math Night? Consider using these two ReadyRosie Family Workshops which are filled with great content, activities, and examples of how to extend literacy and math into the home and family life:

 -  Words Matter! Building a Literacy-rich Home Environment
 -  Math Matters! Building a Math-Rich Home Environment

We also have  these great suggestions on how to turn your Literacy Night into a series of activity stations, each integrating ReadyRosie activities so that parents know that the learning fun they are experiencing at the event can be done any day at home as well.
Parent/Teacher Conference Parent/Teacher Conferences are great places to build meaningful partnerships with your parents. Not only are you able to have a great dialogue so that both the teacher and parent learns more about the child, but this is a key opportunity to suggestion ideas, strategies, and resources to the parents.

I f a parent hasn't yet been exposed to ReadyRosie:
   - this is a great chance to pull it up on your computer and show them a video or two
   - if you haven't added them to your classroom yet, do it right there and walk them through the process of accepting your invite
   - if you have already invited them but they haven't accepted your invite, go into your classroom and re-send the invitation - have them pull out their phone and walk through the steps with them right there

If a parent is already registered with ReadyRosie:
The magic question every engaged parent is going to ask is, "What can I be doing to help?" You now have hundreds of modeled videos, expert videos, and more at your fingertips to suggest to your parents right there. Some teachers are suggesting specific videos for each parent based on what they discuss during the conference. One teacher went so far as to create a custom playlist of videos for each parent, outlining what they discussed during the conference in the message of the playlist, and created one of the most creative, meaningful follow-ups to a parent/teacher conference in modern history :)
Homework Many school districts and teachers are "rethinking homework" with ReadyRosie. What is the role of the family in supporting educational content? Do we want frustrated kids, frustrated families, and boring worksheets and busy work or do we want families engaging in fun, interactive activities designed to support content, extend learning, and build bonds and relationships? 

Check out some additional thoughts on  Rethinking Homework with ReadyRosie.
School Festival Anytime you have parents gathering is a great time to remind families of initiatives and resources. Make sure to have some of our  flyers posted in prominent places, consider creating a ReadyRosie station at your event with sample videos and some fun ReadyRosie activities for families to play, and maybe even have a "create your own family ReadyRosie video" station as part of your festival!
PTA PTA parents can be great ambassadors for your school goals and priorities. Consider making doing a special presentation about ReadyRosie to your PTA board and asking them their ideas on encouraging creative uses of ReadyRosie at your campus. Take advantage of PTA meetings to help parents learn more about ReadyRosie by using our brief ReadyRosie Intro PowerPoint or Parent Intro Videos while parents are gathered at a meeting. 
Parent Classes If you are doing parenting classes or parenting workshops, take advantage of our 6  ReadyRosie Family Workshops.
Parent Volunteers Parents who come to you looking for ways to help. Why not turn your more ambitious parents into ReadyRosie ambassadors for your classroom? Do some training with them on the ins and outs of ReadyRosie, the power of the resource, and utilize them to come up with creative ways to use ReadyRosie with your families throughout the year. 
Celebrating Family Accomplishments Set clear goals with your parents from the beginning of the school year as to how you'd like to use ReadyRosie to partner with them in the education of their child. Then make sure you celebrate their accomplishments along the way!  Here are some thoughts on how to do this
Existing communication efforts ReadyRosie Share gives you the  ability to create custom playlists of ReadyRosie content and share with your families through a variety of formats. Make use of principal or teacher email newsletters to share ReadyRosie content and best practicers. Using other communication tools like Remind or Class Dojo? Share custom ReadyRosie playlists to your parents using those platforms. Do you communicate with your families via social media? Share ReadyRosie content and ideas there as well! Make it a part of your regular communication with your families!

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