What do parents have access to when they register for ReadyRosie?

Upon registration, parents have receive a welcome video (in English and Spanish) that tells them a bit more about ReadyRosie. Here's what they have access to once they are a ReadyRosie user:

  • Access to the entire ReadyRosie video library accessible and searchable from any device
  • A data dashboard where they can keep track of their own progress
  • The ability to interact with videos - add favorites, like or dislike them, etc.
  • The ability to send feedback on videos directly to their teacher
  • Weekly playlists sent out from the ReadyRosie team on Mondays at 3pm - this gets sent according to their delivery preference
  • Custom playlists sent to them by the teacher (if the teacher is creating and sending them)
  • The ability to change their preferences at any time

Here's a quick video to walk you through the parent experience with ReadyRosie:

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