What does the process look like for parents when I invite them?

When you invite a parent or caregiver to join ReadyRosie, they get sent an email and/or text message asking them to join ReadyRosie. Parents have the choice to ignore that invite or follow the steps to creating an account. This process is in English and Spanish.

If the parent wants to register with ReadyRosie, they are asked for some basic information:

  • Language preference
  • Name
  • Email and/or cell phone
  • Delivery preference (email, text, or both)
  • Password for their account

Once they create their account, they immediately get access to a welcome video (in English and Spanish), have access to the entire video library, and start getting the weekly playlists sent out by the ReadyRosie team.

Here's what it looks like for parents after being invited:

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