What is the difference between "Registered Users" and "Users Connected to Classrooms"?

In your District Admin account, on your Data dashboard, you may have noticed a number above “Total Registered Users” and a number above “Users Connected to Classrooms”. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Total Registered Users are the total number of families who have ReadyRosie accounts under your organization.

Users Connected to Classrooms is the total number of those registered families in your organization that are connected to a teacher’s classroom within your organization.

How can I see which users are not connected to classrooms?  Click on “Schools” in your menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Schools page and click “Users Not Connected to Classrooms”. Here’s what that looks like:

How can these numbers be different, and how do users become “not connected to classrooms”?

There are a few different reasons why you see registered users associated with your organization that are not connected to classrooms. 

  1. They may have been connected to a classroom for a previous school year but have not been added to a teacher’s classroom for the current year.
  1. Your organization may participate in zip code registration which allows families to register themselves without having to be invited by a teacher. (Not all organizations use zip code registration)

If families have a ReadyRosie account but are not connected to a classroom and need to be, their child’s teacher can simply invite them to their classroom. Since the family already has an account, they will be connected to that teacher immediately upon sending the invite.

Does a family have to be connected to a classroom? No, they don’t. A family can keep their ReadyRosie account, access our video library, and receive our weekly playlists even if they are not connected to a classroom.

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