How & When to Restore Classrooms That are Archived

Each new school year, classrooms from the previous year will be archived. The purpose of this is to store and preserve family activity data for each year. Your archived classrooms can be found in your classroom dashboard by clicking "Archived Classrooms".

PLEASE NOTE: Archived classrooms can be restored to the current school year, but it is important to note that there are very few reasons when this is necessary. For instance, if your current school year's classroom is accidentally archived that would be an acceptable reason to restore an archived classroom. It is not good to restore last year's classroom in order to reuse it for the current year. It is better to start fresh each year with a new classroom, even if you have a few of the same students. Once a classroom has been restored, the only way it can be re-archived is to email us at

To Restore an Archived Classroom:

>Log into your ReadyRosie Account

>In your "Classrooms" dashboard, click "Archived Classrooms"

>Click on the classroom name so that you can verify that it is, in fact, a classroom that you need to restore

>Click the back arrow on your browser to return to the "Archived Classrooms" page

>Click "Restore" to the right of the classroom that you need to Restore. Once you do that, you can click "Classrooms" in the menu to the left. You will now find that classroom restored to your current classroom dashboard

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